Will Sugar Hurt My Invisalign Aligners?

by | Mar 14, 2023 | General & Preventive Dentistry, Invisalign Dentist

You and your Crownsville dentist should be able to agree on at least one thing — Sugar and oral health have a tricky, sticky relationship. We don’t want to tell you “no,” but you all “know” how much sweet treats can affect your teeth.

Let us show you what it could do to your Invisalign® treatment, too, without the right care, and tips on how to avoid any silly setbacks on your way to smile perfection. 

Yes, Sugar Will Hurt Your Invisalign® Progress

Really, there’s no other obvious answer to this question. We all know that sugar isn’t the best for your teeth because it causes damage like cavities and much more, but it’s beneficial for you to keep it to a minimum during your Crownsville Invisalign® treatment. Dr. Eric Rabovsky is a 2x Platinum Invisalign® provider, which is only reserved for a professional with exceptional experience who gets the whole process. With countless completed cases, Dr. Rabovsky is actually the biggest general Invisalign® dentist in Crownsville. So, what does that have to do with sugar? He can see if you’ve had a little too much for your clear aligners to handle and help you quickly get back on track. 

Intelligent Tips to Achieve Invisalign® Perfection

Clear aligners are ideal for many people who don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of traditional braces. Dr. Rabovsky can show you how important this is because of the tiny spaces between your teeth, where your aligners can act like a breeding ground for bacteria — a #1 food source for unwanted bacteria. However, just like metal solutions, there are things that you should keep to a minimum or avoid altogether, if possible. Here are easy tips to keep your aligners clean and functional:

  • Consistent brushing and cleaning will help your aligners do their job until you’re ready for the next pair.
  • Remember to do your best to wear your aligners for the right amount of time prescribed by Dr. Rabovsky, usually about 22 hours each day.
  • When there’s something that doesn’t seem right, give us a call. 

There’s more to know and love about your Invisalign® options at Crownsville Dental and Wellness Solutions. You’ll have to call us or reach out online to schedule a consultation where you’re free to ask any questions and talk about how much you love sugar (we all do).