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Dr. Eric Rabovsky

What happened next would shape who Dr. Rabovsky became a dentist. He worked in several dental offices after school, where he was able to gain invaluable experience and insight that helped him form an identity and a philosophy as a dentist who favors minimally-invasive treatments. He realized he had the unique ability to look at a problem and visualize the right solution. Over time, Dr. Rabovsky grew frustrated by how aggressive conventional dentistry could be. He also developed a deep passion about the art and science of reconstructing oral tissues along with a passionate hatred of oral bacteria. These tendencies paved the way for the development of different techniques designed to help save smiles, time, and money – a wonderful advantage for our family of patients. 

He first opened Crownsville Dental alongside his wife Jodi in 2007, and the pair took the next seven years to painstakingly craft the well-known identity for compassionate, quality dentistry that’s synonymous with our office. In 2014, the office was equipped with extremely cutting-edge and highly effective CEREC® 3-D technology for more precise control over all dental procedures and cases we complete. 

Dr. Rabovsky and Jodi are still going strong today, continuing to grow and enhance the smiles and lives of our patients – including injectables and dermal fillers. He’s also certified in laser dentistry, Invisalign®, and non-surgical dental implant techniques. Because of their completely unique mix of services and advanced equipment such as the Galileos 3D to allow for an unprecedented view of our patient’s mouths, the pair eventually changed the name of their practice to Crownsville Dental & Wellness Solutions. Both Dr. Rabovsky and Jodi attend many continuing education classes every year and love learning about new technologies and techniques they can use to better serve you and continue to be one of the best dental offices in the industry.


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Smiles Across Crownsville

Dr. Eric Rabovsky spent his childhood growing up around all the exciting things Olney has to offer. He later graduated from Sherwood High School in 1994 before being accepted to the University of Maryland at College Park, so it’s obvious to see why he’s a big fan of all things having to do with the “Old Line State.” 

While studying in college, Dr. Rabovsky considered pursuing a career in mechanical engineering but realized there was something more satisfying about doing something that requires artistic skill and working with your hands. Thankfully, dentistry was a natural fit.

After graduation in 1998, it was time to dive headfirst into the exciting world of dentistry. Dr. Rabovsky began working as a full-time dental assistant so he could learn one-on-one about how to care for smiles from some extremely gifted dental health professionals. He knew right away that dentistry was his calling, and Dr. Rabovsky went on to attend the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (focusing on dental implants) until his 2003 graduation. 

When not concentrating on dentistry, Dr. Rabovsky enjoys spending time with his family and friends, developing many hobbies over the years, including boating and hotrods. Living nearby in Edgewater, Dr. Rabovsky and family make sure to take advantage of all of the wonderful activities Anne Arundel County has to offer. They enjoy seeing new places, boating, and spending time with friends.

Our family of patients and team members love Dr. Rabovsky because he’s honest, careful, intuitive, methodical, determined, and maybe even a little non-complacent here and there. (We’re sure you’ll love him too.)

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